This is the DIY toilet training program for people who are in love with their animals and want them to toilet train stress free.

If you're like most of my readers, you found me because you've tried training already, your cat's having accidents galore, and some forum on Litter Kwitter or Yahoo Toilet Training group had a hopeful link here. Welcome.

The cat below is Ramses. He's the first Relaxed Cat, and that contraption is the Mock Toilet he trained on years back before he switched to the real toilet.

Training with a Mock Toilet removes the anxiety from toilet-training, so your animal is accident-free, which is a big deal in this world. Besides keeping your home clean, accident-free cats are reliable and don't un-train later. You make the contraption yourself at home.

If your cat had accidents with another method, don't feel bad. Cats are stressed by the commercial setups, and it's hard to figure that out until you experience it first hand (95% have accidents and take more than a year to train).There's A Way by Relaxed Cat

So you're not alone, and your life is about to be filled with a lot more purring.

If you and your cat are NEW to toilet training, and still accident-free, thank god! It's going to be great.

5 Things Happen Here

I feel safe Relaxed Cat Toilet Training

1. You relax your animal.

2. Kitty feels stimulated and joyful and heard.

3. No more accidents.

4. You and kitty happy-bond.

5. Kitty stays toilet trained up until those gentle geriatric years.

You build the Mock Toilet, and I'll give you a bzillion tips. My site is free and filled with easy instructions. You can surf around (the blogs and videos are great), or you can spend a couple bucks to download the ebook and have it all in one place with training charts. Whatever suits you.

Cheerio, happy training, and feel free to send me an email: toilettrainingcat@gmail.com.

Kisses, Relaxed Cat

Human white background relaxed cat