Reader Email: Big family needs cat love & has one bathroom

readeremailHELP400x533.333Dear Relaxed Cat,

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My family and I lost both our pet cats in 2012 (Easter: 3-year-old Cloe & New Years' Eve: 14-year-old Mojo), and I miss having a cat in the house more than I ever thought possible. Continue reading

Reader Email: It Gets on the Seat (Cat Toilet Training)

readeremailHELP400x533.333Hi,  I was using the Litter Kwitter system and only was on the red stage, switched to the amber stage, and they could urinate correctly but had accidents when defecating.

Anyways, they had no problem using the Litter Kwitter red stage, so I switched to the Relaxed Cat method. I have two cats, Buckeye and Bear, and one of them gets most of their waste into the mock toilet but sometimes gets some around the seat or on the floor by the toilet. It only happens when I’m not there to reward them. When I’m standing watching they go correctly and pretty much wait for a treat lol. Continue reading

Reader Email: Should I Start Toilet Training the Cat before the Kittens Come?

Watched the videos on YouTube, but I'm not sure at what point to add water and go bigger, etc. I have an adult mutt cat and will be getting 2 Bengal kittens in a few weeks. Should I go ahead and start the adult now or wait? My thoughts are that the kittens should pick up on it faster but not sure. Also, should I wait for the kittens to get older before I start? 
Thanks, Chris Continue reading

Reader Email: I’m Afraid to Start from Scratch

readeremailHELP400x533.333Dear Marian,

I'm really frustrated and confused after I spent quite an amount of money (which to be honest I couldn't afford) on Litter Kwitter, and then I found your webpage. Surprisingly enough, I came across your YouTube videos of Gustav, and then read all about how you managed to train your cats the DIY method . . . which I should have used in the first place.

We have a female, 8 months old, halfbreed Sokoke cat, that I'm very much afraid will be even more confused if I make a mock toilet and start things from scratch. Continue reading